NEW !  summer 2018





Tennis stage and multisports on day courts at Gstaad Palace


From 13 to 18 August 2018. 


In association with "Mrb Tennis Concept" we propose a high level of stage during one week, for kids between   7 and 16 years old. "Mrb Tennis Concept" is run by Marc Rosset. One of the most famous tennis stars in Switzerland, Marc Rosset won a number of ATP tourniments, and the gold medal at the Olympic games at Barcelona. Marc will be present during the stage, and will share their knowelege and passion about tennis with the kids.

The stage starts on sunday night at 19h00 with a meeting, where the details of the week will be discussed. The tennis lessons start each day 9h30 to 12h00 on the Palace tennis courts. Between midday and one o'clock, the kid's all eat together. During the afternoon, different sporting activities will be proposed, and take place until 17h00. The kids will be supervised by the "Mrb" staff during the whole day, including lunch. The stage will finish at midday Saturday, when certificates will be given out, and parents are invited.


Reservation and information at the Gstaad Palace